Personal Injury

Attorney Kepple represents clients who are the victims of negligent conduct resulting in bodily injuries and damages. Attorney Kepple has achieved successful results in accident cases, traumatic brain injuries, elder care abuse and medical malpractice.

Land Use and Zoning

Representation before Land Use and Zoning Commissions presents a unique forum where the client often faces opposition from the impacted parties, especially adjoining property owners. These matters require experienced and assertive representation. Attorney Kepple has been representing clients before these boards for more than 35 years with successful results.

Criminal Law

Clients confronted with the criminal justice system are faced with daunting challenges. The risks are high and consequences are substantial. Attorney Kepple has successfully represented criminal defendants in Both Connecticut and Rhode Island courts for more than thirty five years.

Wills and Estates

The testamentary intent of a client is the legacy one leaves their loved ones. As such, a client's wishes must be preserved from any challenges. The plan of distribution of a client's assets must be carefully formulated and judiciously adhered to in order to preserve their stated intent.

Property Law

A client's property is often their most valuable asset. When this property is encumbered by easements, rights of ways or restrictions, it often limits and impairs the client's use and enjoyment of their property. A careful assessment and well crafted approach to an equitable solutions is essential to preserve these property rights.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is an essential and common sense approach to seeking a remedy. While the solution may not initially be clear, a thorough and resourceful approach to assessing the relative strengths and weaknesses of a client's position is critical to achieving a successful resolution.

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